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The passenger can, at no cost, transport all the luggage that subscribes to these general conditions, as long as it does not exceed the weight allowed by the airline and otherwise pay the corresponding penalty:
Items such as clothing and personal effects necessary for use and comfort or convenience during your trip.
Remember that all pieces of luggage must be properly documented and registered for transport.
The passenger must identify their luggage with full name, address and telephone number of their permanent residence inside and out so that it is not confused with that of another person.
Two pieces that together add 35lbs or a piece of that weight are allowed, on international flights, for domestic flights a piece or two pieces that add 20 lbs are allowed.
Dimensions National flight International flight
Dimensions in inches Maximum weight 20 Lbs (9 kg). 22´´ 12´´ 12´´ Maximum weight 35 Lbs (15 kg). 22´´ 12´´ 12´´
Dimensions in Centimeters Maximum weight 20 Lbs (9 kg). 42 cm / 24 cm / 24 cm Maximum weight 35 Lbs (15 kg). 60 cm / 35 cm / 35 cm

The above applies to both Passengers who leave an airport and those who are making connections.

The restrictions of the Control and Security Authorities vary depending on the airport where you are. It is your responsibility to inform you with the corresponding airport authority about the restrictions and / or regulations in force.