Before your flight

Prior to your arrival at our counter, we have installed an agent, who will give you a brief welcome greeting, scan your temperature, request that you disinfect your hands by providing hand sanitizer and explain the safety and hygiene measures you need to follow for your trip.

Boarding process

Passengers will be boarded with priority, starting with people who have reduced mobility, then families with babies /children and finally other passengers. Always maintaining physical distance. We will provide you with hand sanitizer before entering the passenger cabin.

During your trip

Passengers must remain with their personal protective equipment (mandatory mask and suggested face shield) for the duration of the flight. We recommend that you remain in your seat for the entire time. Food and beverage services will not be provided on board.

Arrival at your destination

Our agent (s) will be located in a visible spot for the passengers who are disembarking, proceeding to carry out the corresponding escort and continuously requesting to maintain a physical distance of at least 1.5 meters.You will be given hand sanitizer and we will give you the instructions so that you can proceed to finish your Migration process. We will also indicate in which baggage belt number your luggage can be retrieved.


In order to minimize contact with objects and surfaces and help mitigate COVID 19 transmition, carry-on luggage is not allowed. Only one small bag or backpack will be permited and it must be placed in the front seat. It is not allowed to use the upper luggage compartment.

Other recommendations

It is allowed to carry hand sanitizer as part of your luggage, however you must bear in mind that the limit of 100 milliliters (ml) or equivalent per item for liquids and gels applies in accordance with the aviation security provisions.

Cleaning between flights

Cleaning is done immediately after passengers have been evacuated from the cabin. We are focused on the inside of the cabin windows, the fabric-trimmed seats are vacuumed. Sticky objects are also removed with a spatula before vacuuming and stains are removed with an approved stain removal product.

Aircraft sanitization

All aircraft are cleaned prior to their first flight of the day. All efforts are focused on making efficient cleaning and disinfection following all the Biosafety measures and procedures. We guarantee that all our aircrafts are in optimal cleaning conditions before starting operations.