Carry-on Baggage


National Flight

Maximum allowed weight: 10lbs (4 Kg)
Maximum allowed size: 16"9"9" (42cm/24cm/24cm)


International Flight

Maximum allowed weight: 10lbs (4 Kg)
Maximum allowed size: 16"9"9" (42cm/24cm/24cm)

Restricted Items:

*That are greater than 100 milliliters.
  • Soda
  • Lotions
  • Perfumes
  • Creams
  • Gels
  • Aerosol sprays
  • Pressurized containers such as shaving foam and other foams

Items you cannot transport in your carry-on baggage

  • Firearms of any size are prohibited in international flights, in domestic flights fire arms are allowed (consult the airline for requirements).
  • Pyrotechnic artifacts.
  • Flares
  • Matchboxes
  • Boxes with sharp points or sides.
  • Lighters for cigarettes.
  • Swords.
  • Throwing stars.
  • Ammo of any kind.
  • Chemicals or neutralizing gases.
  • Aerosol containers.


Billed Bagagge


National Flight

Maximum allowed weight: 20lbs (9 Kg) *$ 1 per additional pound will be charged
Maximun allowed size: 22"12"12" (60 cm / 35 cm / 35 cm)

International Flight

Maximum allowed weight: 35lbs (15 Kg) *$ 1 per additional pound will be charged
Maximun allowed size: 16"9"9" (60 cm / 35 cm / 35 cm)


The passenger can transport all the luggage that subscribes to these general conditions at no cost, as long as it does not exceed the weight allowed by the airline and otherwise pay the corresponding penalty:
Items such as clothing and personal effects necessary for use and comfort or convenience during your trip.
Remember that every piece of luggage must be properly documented and registered for transport.

The passenger must identify his luggage with the full name, address and telephone number of his permanent residence inside and out so that it is not confused with that of another person.
Two pieces that together add up to 35lbs or one piece of that weight are allowed on international flights, for domestic flights one piece or two pieces that add up to 20 lbs are allowed.



TAG AIRLINES will not accept bicycles as free of charge luggage.
We only accept non-motorized bikes, single seat bikes and one bike per customer, this will be treated as cargo.
For your information:
• The handles must be in a fixed position and parallel to the bicycle.
• The pedals must be removed from the bicycle.
• All loose parts must be packed in packing material strong enough to protect them.
• If loose parts are not packed properly, TAG assumes no responsibility and will not be liable for damage.
• The cost per bicycle is USD 50.00 per piece per segment.
• Up to 4 bikes per flight.


Camping equipment will be accepted in the luggage reference conditions. The equipment will be in exchange for a piece of luggage and always has to be under the regulations of 35 pounds per person.
Any registered camping equipment with excess baggage will apply an additional charge of USD 35.00

Acceptable camping equipment but not limited to:
• Backpacks
• Sleeping bags
• Tents in their original packaging or well packed

Some camping items are made of a material that is very easy to break, they have aluminum frames, buckles, etc. This will be considered a fragile object on your baggage claim ticket and the airline will not be responsible for any damages that may be caused.
Camping equipment not accepted: flashlights, stoves and stoves that use liquid fuel, propane gas, butane gas, or similar gases will not be accepted as luggage in accordance with the hazardous materials regulations.


There is no additional charge for fishing equipment; however, one item of fishing gear will count as one of your bags. Fishing rods are exempt from the standard size requirements (62 ") but you must still follow weight and other equipment guidelines.
All fishing equipment must be properly packed in containers that do not exceed the following dimensions.
Acceptable Fishing Equipment:
• Two rods with their rails
• A network
• A windlass
• A pair of fishing boots
• A fishing box


TAG AIRLINES accepts diving equipment as part of baggage free of charge.
You will be billed as excess baggage by the pound.

Acceptable diving equipment:
• A regulator
• A tank harness
• A pressure gauge
• A mask with a respirator
• A knife
• A safety vest
• One pair of fins
• One weight strap
The oxygen tank will not be allowed


Golf equipment is accepted on all TAG flights. There is no additional charge for golf bags as long as they are within weight limitations. A golf bag will count as one of your bags.
A golf bag should contain no more than:
• Fourteen golf clubs
• Three golf balls
• A pair of golf shoes

The collection of sports luggage will be made directly at the Airport.
All sports equipment is subject to restrictions for operational safety reasons.