Childrens without companion

Authorizing children to travel alone without the company of an adult represents a great responsibility.

A UM is in the Operator's custody until its delivery upon arrival at the destination of its responsible. The media is considered a UM between 5 and 12 years. In this case they must be addressed before all passengers and landed last, children 12 years and older are considered Young people, the UM procedure must be applied.

The cabin crew will ensure that all the respective stationery is delivered by the traffic agent, this stationery in turn must be delivered to the person in charge of accompanying the child until the departure when arriving at his destination. Likewise, he will be directly responsible from the moment he receives it until he delivers it, for this reason they must be placed in the a seat to have direct contact with the minor.


  • No more than 3 UM´S will be transported per flight
  • Do not offer alcoholic beverages
  • Supervise it during the service
  • Deliver it directly to the traffic agent with their respective stationery
  • If it is possible to take some time during the flight to talk with the child and ask security questions, such as his name, age, who took him to the airport who arrived by him to verify if the data in the stationery that was delivered are real.



  • Only children under 5 years of age and older will be accepted.
  • Only UM´S will be transported on NATIONAL flights, international flights will not be transported UM´S.
  • The UM´S format will have to be filled out, (Counter has the Form)
  • Copy of the identification document of the person who wishes to send it, with the primary data
  • In case of transporting minors with tutors, you must carry a letter of permission from the parents or guardians.
  • You will be given a copy of the UM'S format, a copy of the identification documents to the crew and arriving at their destination, the traffic staff will be in charge of guarding it and taking it to the airport exit, delivering it to the person indicated in the format and will request delivery signature.
  • End of the process.