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Our company has occupational safety as one of the main commercial functions.

We are committed to develop, implement, maintain and improve our strategies and processes constantly, to guaranty that our activities in aviation will be achieved by using our resources in an intelligent manner, with the main goal of achieving the highest performance level in occupational safety, meeting the regulatory requirements as we deliver our best services



Our administrative staff and employees are responsible of providing the best level occupational safety procedures leaded by our general management.


Our commitment is:

Support: The development of our company’s occupational safety, utilizing the correct finance resources, seeking a culture of safety and responsibility, inviting the different areas to communicate and execute their tasks in a professional manner.


Guaranty: That the management of occupational safety will be the main focus of our administrative staff and employees.


Define: In a clear way to every staff member, their attributions in order to preserve our occupational safety in the best way possible.


Establish: Correct procedures for hazard identification and risk management to eliminate or decrease the security risks of our activities. Prompting for constant advances in our occupational safety.


Guaranty: That our employees won’t receive any negative backlash for expressing their concerns of bad procedures or practices within the organization, unless this shows that an employee is not meeting the requirements or is being negligent in the process of their work.


Accomplish: Our objectives with every single regulation, and if possible, to surpass the quality of the regulations and requirements that apply.


Guaranty: To have well trained qualified staff to deliver and implement strategies and processes of occupational safety.


Guaranty: That every single member of our staff has the correct information and training, to be competent regarding our occupational safety regulations. Also that every staff member has the right attributions, that match their personal abilities.


Establish: A system that allows us to measure occupational safety achievements, based on our processes and realistic goals.


Improve: Continuously our processes in occupational safety, control and measure our advances. To revise and adjust our objectives based on our goals for occupational safety.


Guaranty: That the correct systems and services are implemented to support our operations, also that this supports our occupational safety goals and procedures.


Objectives of our occupational safety:


Promote an effective communication between our staff and General management of SMS in the subject of occupational safety.


Foster a healthy occupational safety culture, adopting correct processes and practices.


Reach and maintain acceptable occupational safety levels, taking into consideration our risk indicators.


Improve continuously our occupational safety process, with the support of hazard identification and risk management, our compiled data and a constant evaluation.