Touristic Packages

Touristic Packages

Mirador & Crater Azul

Venture into the lost world of the Mayan civilization discovering the secrets of El Mirador, know the largest pyramid in the ancient world. Then enjoy the privacy of a Natural destination, to explore its crystal clear waters and trails in the middle of the jungle in Blue Crater.

Tikal & Ixpanpajul

For lovers of adventure and adrenaline we have the perfect combination. Discover the wonder of the Mayan Civilization and the more than 3,000 old buildings in Tikal and enjoy the greatness of the natural park, trails and canopy in Ixpanpajul.

Tikal & Yaxha

Visit 2 of the most emblematic archaeological cities of the Mayans! Starting with Tikal, a part of more than 16 km2 of extension where you can enjoy the sunrise from one of its tallest structures. Then you get to know more than one of the most impressive ancient business and trade centers in Yaxhá-Nakum-Naranjo.

El Mirador & Yaxha

A two-day all-inclusive tour. Discover the most important temples, palaces, causeways, squares and buildings of the Mayan culture in Yaxhá-Nakum-Naranjo. And travel in a second day to El mirador to see two of the largest structures in volume and height lost in the middle of the nature of Petén.

Tikal & El Mirador

Two days learning more about the ancient Mayan culture. Starting in one of the most important metropolises of this ancient culture, on the second day, enjoy an aerial tour in the middle of the jungle to reach the lost city of El Mirador.