Not allowed Passengers

Not allowed passengers

These passengers have been denied entry by immigration authorities in the country of destination. By immigration regulations the passengers are escorted and delivered to TAG AIRLINES, along with their documents to be transported to their country of origin, under the responsibility and custody of the Airline that transported them.
Unaccepted passengers are escorted to the plane by government agents and only travel on flights whose immediate layover is outside the territory of the country that has denied entry.


Some countries accept passengers who normally require a visa to enter the country, as a transit without a visa, this always under the guidelines established by the country, among them is that they do not leave the airport, that they have a confirmed outgoing connection ticket and that they will not be on the airport more than 24 hours.


These passengers are people who have been illegally in a country, are captured by the authorities and returned to their country of origin by air. These passengers will always be escorted by immigration agents and will never have their personal documents (passports, ID, etc.) under their power. Migration agents directly deliver documents to airline personnel for check-up.