Social Responsability

Kids and Third Age



People in situations of vulnerability are fundamental in our social work. We have programs to help children and seniors, to provide exclusive experiences, moments of happiness and distraction in our facilities and hangars. We also support people who do not have a family or a home with our different social projects.






We know our responsibility to our country at the time of a catastrophic mishap. We provide help in different ways, moving food supplies to disaster or vulnerability areas. Carrying external cargo, construction materials and ambulance services for the transfer of victims from distant places to the capital city. We have also provided air aid and assistance in other Central American countries.




The social responsibility that we promote through our Hope & Freedom Wings program allows us to help others. We have agreements with NGOs and foundations that benefit boys and girls to fulfill their dreams. In addition to support projects for people in vulnerable situations and social support and support institutions.


Gallery of Special Moments

Fulfilling dreams

Little Francy Jochola, 6 years old, visited us from the department of Chimaltenango accompanied by her family. While fighting a brave battle against Leukemia, we were accomplices to fulfill one of his great dreams: To meet a real helicopter, to be able to climb and explore it at will. Thanks to all the people who supported us as we made their dream come true.

Ansares school

The little travelers from this early stimulation center visited us to learn more about the work of our pilots and flight attendants. They also enjoyed a tour of some of our aircraft and a special experience with our TAG staff. We love sharing our experiences with the citizens of the future.

Kids Pilots Activity

We want all little Guatemalans to fulfill their dreams, so we have these spaces for personalized experiences open so that the children can live the adventure of spending a day as pilots. In addition to getting to know our aircraft and helicopters, they enjoyed living with some of our experienced pilots and co-pilots. An unforgettable experience!

Children's Coexistence

For several years we have provided special activities such as our children's convivio, in which some institution that helps children (nurseries, homes, wellness programs, churches, etc.) receives a day full of fun, gifts and an exclusive tour thanks to our TAG partners. For us it is important to bring a little joy and happiness to all the children of Guatemala.

San Pablo School

As a company we are aware of the need to give children and youth a better chance of life, presenting the different professional options to children and young people. On this occasion, the girls and young women of this educational institution had the opportunity to get to know our teams closely and have a pleasant conversation with some of our TAG collaborators so that they could share a little of their experience in the field of commercial aviation.

Help Huracan Stan

In 2005, Guatemala experienced one of the greatest natural catastrophes. As a Guatemalan company, we stand in solidarity with all our Chapin brothers. We offered food transport services, external loading of materials and air ambulance to respond to the emergency transport of victims during this accident.

Erick Quiroa Foundation "Wings for a Dream"

The work of this foundation inspired us to collaborate with them in their quest to fulfill the dreams of children who suffer from some type of terminal illness. We invite you to visit our facilities, get to know our aircraft and enjoy a spare part in the company of our TAG partners. An enriching and incredible experience!

Supporting the Third Age

Our programs also focus on assisting and accompanying vulnerable individuals such as the elderly. Our guided tour and a pleasant coexistence which both TAG collaborators and our visitors will enjoy to the fullest. We want to meet you!

Santa Clara Chajul

Members of the Santa Clara Chajul community, in Quiché, traveled to Guatemala City to have this unique experience of an exclusive tour with us. A unique opportunity to learn about the city's airspaces and the processes that airlines carry out when scheduling routine flights. We want Guatemalans to know and share more with us!