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Please check with your doctor/obstetrician to see if you are qualified for traveling.
Our norms and regulations DO NOT ALLOW 28 weeks or older pregnant passengers, even if they carry a medical certificate.
Any consultations or questions please call our customer service: (502) 2380-9400


If a passenger needs special attention, please make your reservations directly to our customer service number: (502) 2380-9400.
We ask the representative or the passenger to give us very detailed information about their special needs, at least 24 hours before the passenger’s scheduled flight.


Babies from 0 up to 23 months are considered infants and need to be accompanied by an adult at all times of the travel process, NO EXEPTIONS.
A special infant rate will be applied.
Children from 24 months up to 18 years that travel in their own seats will pay our normal rate per ticket.
An adult representative must specify the amount of children that are traveling.
Everyone must be at our airport counter at least 2 hours before the scheduled flight to make the custom procedures.
An adult representative must present the birth certificate or passport of the children for the registration process to be completed.