Fees and Charges

Online reservations

All tickets are NON REFUNDABLE.

Any special, promotions, packages or discounts, are NON REFUNDABLE and CAN´T BE TRANSFERRED to another passenger. Any reservations will be kept until a payment is done. If the credit or debit card is declined, or the information of the passenger is incorrect or incomplete, the reservation won’t be approved and will be cancelled.

TAG Airlines will notify the passenger if there is a problem with any information given or if a payment is not processed.


Keep in mind: a credit card will be necessary at the moment you register for a flight. This is to verify the identity of our passengers.




  • All prices are listed in American Dollar currency.

  • All TagAirlines tickets are NON REFUNDABLE.
  • No Show:
    1. If you don’t arrive at the airport the day your flight is scheduled.

    2. To arrive late, when the flight has already been boarded and closed.

    3. When you don’t arrive at the gate of the Airline, even if you are in the airport

    4. If you commit a NO SHOW in the first segment of your trip, the returning flight will be automatically cancelled and you will have to pay a penalty

    5. You will have 48 hours since your NO SHOW to reschedule a flight. You will have to pay a penalty fee of $.100.00 USD per flight segment and ticket. If you don’t reschedule in that period of time, your ticket(s) will be lost.


  1. All our rates include taxes.

  2.  Rate for infants (0 months to 48 months) You will only pay the corresponding taxes. All children over the age of 2 years will pay full price.

Fees and Surcharges: